How To Watch India vs Pakistan World Cup 2015 Match Online For Free

Its ICC Cricket World Cup and tomorrow will be India vs Pakistan match. It is 4th match of world cup 2015. I'm here with How to Watch India vs Pakistan World Cup 2015 Match Online for Free. According to ICC report, millions people will watch India vs Pakistan match on 15 February 2015. It just few hours left to start world most awaited cricket match i.e., India vs Pakistan match in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 on 15 February. Match will be start from 09:00 AM (Indian Time). It will be the 2nd match of tomorrow.

India vs Pakistan World Cup Live Match

Most of cricket fans will watch IND VS PAK match on Television. If you are from India then you can watch on star sports channel. Let me share list of broadcasting channels for India vs Pakistan matches of 2015 cricket world cup.

How to Watch India vs Pakistan World Cup 2015 Match in India

ICC has distributed broadcasting rights of cricket world cup 2015 matches. There are two channels which will broadcast India vs Pakistan match. First channel is Start Sports and second channel is DD National. You can watch all the matches of ICC Cricket World Cup on Star Sports 1 whereas DD National will broadcast mostly India's matches. Star Sports 3 channel will broadcast the match in Hindi commentary. 

Watch India vs Pakistan World Cup 2015 Match Online For Free

You can watch IND vs PAK match online for free. Just visit or Match will be in HD on star sports with minimal advertisements. There will be 5 minute delay if you are free user on starsports. But you can watch India vs Pakistan match without delay on for free. Below are the list of other best websites which will stream India vs Pakistan match on 15 February 2015.

These are the best online websites where you can watch India vs Pakistan match on 15 February. You can also enjoy other matches of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 on same websites. 

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Why Google+ is Better for Getting High SERP than Facebook and Twitter

If you are a blogger then you must heard that Google plus is better than Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms. But do you know Why Google+ is Better for Getting High SERP than Facebook and Twitter? In this post I will let you know about importance of Google+ in blogging and internet marketing.

When Google+ was launched then most of the people didn't know its importance and power regarding SEO, targeting audience and building a spam free social network.

No doubt, Facebook has vast network but now a days its being spam by spammers. We can see many spammed post in groups, pages and even on timelines. There are also rapid decline in Facebook users after the launch of whatsapp because people are being more and more mobile.

Google+ gives you the power of building your own circle in which you can add people related to your industry. We can use hashtags to reach more audience and people love to share quality content on Google+.

In terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google give more preference to the link that shared on Google+. As we all know that social signals are very important to rank a particular link in Google search. But if we talk about Facebook new policy update then they are restricting the post reach in various manners. 

Although, Twitter is something advanced but you can only post up-to 60 characters in a tweet. Also there are nothing like groups or circle. You should have good number of followers to get traffic but it won't help you much in getting ranking in Google SERP.

So its a good idea to pay attention on Google+. Make room in your SEO strategy for Google+ and spend time there. There is not doubt that Google+ play important role in order to get rank in Google SERP. 

How To Make Better Google+ Profile For SEO 

1- Build up your Google+ profile with real personal information.

2- Always use your own picture for profile pic.

3- Show your past achievement on your cover page.

4- Write a good bio.

5- Post quality stuffs with proper hashtags.

6- Do comment and give +1 to post related to your niche. 

7- Create a circle and add all your industry people in that. 

8- Post quality stuffs regularly.

How Google+ Helps To Get More Targeted Audience 

We can get more GEO targeted traffic from Google+ with the help of circle. Create Google+ circle and add people to specific circle and share related content with all your circles. Let takes a example, if you have written a article about Google+ then you should share that with your social media circle rather than designing circle. 

For Getting rank in Google SERP, there are more than 200 factors but it is experienced by many of us that post shared on Google+ ranked quick and better than Facebook and Twitter. Thats all for Why Google+ is Better for Getting High SERP than Facebook and Twitter.
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Event Blogging Myth and Truth

Event blogging is something that generate quick money in blogging. If you came to blogging only for money or you need good amount for investment then you should try event blogging.

Read: Truth and Tips for Making Money Online In 2015

What is Event Blog?

A blog which target a particular event day/days. Means, if you are writing a blog for upcoming festival or sports tournament, then that's called event blogging.

Event blog is short term blog in which blogger want to earn a lot of money during event period. You can earn good if you plan better for your event blog.

Most of bloggers think that event blogging is easy and its $$$$ machine. But you can not do anything without proper strategy. You should have action plan about whatever you need to do.

Coming to the topic, in last 15 days I have read many case study about event blogging. Successful event bloggers write their success stories but here I'm not going to write about my success because I couldn't do my best. 

But still I'll share my experience about my first event blog.

Focus: I got an opportunity to work on Makar Sankranti event blog which was well established with 1 year of domain age. I have written about 10-12 post and then I fed up with it because I'm working on many blogs and some are still pending to be start. 

Health: Not so good but still managing to update all the blogs. So you have to care about your health too.

Distraction: If you are working without a team then you need to be more focused towards your goal. Try to avoid things that take you away from your goal.

Discipline: There are no office or any fat boss because we work from home. But we have to be more disciplinedto reach our goal.

ROI: Return On Investment is something that we get after investment. Investment in not only terms of money but also your time. Time is the currency of 21st century. Save time instead of money. Forecast about how much you could get from a particular event. If that event could give handsome ROI then go for it.

But think in different way and choose best event to work on. My advice, don't go for Indian events, especially Indian festivals. Let me explain why you should not choose Indian event.

According to my makar sankranti blog experience, I won't ever do any Indian event. We ranked for many competitive keywords and got good amount of traffic.

event blogging

But, CTR was below 3% before 2 days of event.

Next morning, it was lohri (famous festival in Punjab). I tweaked placement and got CTR over 7%. You must be thinking that its awesome. Yes, I got good CTR but Indian CPC always poor.

On lohri day we got overall 390 clicks with CPC of 0.05. Next day, it was main event day and we again got high traffic with CTR over 8% but CPC was 0.07.

So how much we earned, at most 50$. Is it worth our time?

Many bloggers invest their at least 2-3 month but what about ROI?

Before doing any event, must think about ROI. You can not get huge with Indian traffic. Invest that time in your long term blog or any event of US/UK. We can also work on micro niche blog which will give better ROI.

I didn't invest much time in this time but its experience saved my at least 1 month because I was thinking to start a event blog on Holi. I have a good domain name and I'll give away if any one still want to do.

What I Have Learned From First Event Blog?

I would like to share what I have learned from my first event blog. Below are the few points which may help you to get success in your next event blog.

Domain Age: Domain age matters a lot. My partner purchased that domain 1 year before so we could rank easily for many competitive keywords.

Domain Name: EMD is preferable but if its not available the add a extra character at the end of exact domain name. Always choose TLD.

Backlinks: Quantity back links does not matter. We ranked with 5 back links and then build 6 mores. We ranked with only 11 links.

Raed: Simple Way To Build High PR Back links

Content: Write good content with proper On Page SEO. Initially, we were rankling with 6 posts and then I have written 10 more posts.

Renew your domain: You should renew your domain name for next year. You will get advantage of domain age. But you must be thinking about domain name. Let me explain by a example.

If we have a domain name call "", should we use it for 2015 holi event blog? Yes, you should.

2014 doesn't matter as you will have 2015 in your post URL if you post content after 31 December 2014.

Ad Unit: We had 70% mobile visitors so you should choose responsive ad. I used 300*250 text ad unit because this ad unit is supported by mobiles too. You can also choose 720*170 custom text ad above post title. Experiment the ad placement 2 days prior to the event. Choose whatever worked for your blog.

You must know something that I have missed here. Feel free to tell us in comment section.

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Truth and Tips for Making Money Online In 2015

2015 has been started and every blogger wants tips for making five figure online money with his blogs/websites by the end of the year. Earning online money with your blog or other services is not a difficult task, if you know truth, tips, rules, ways and little smart work.

Truth and Tips: Make Money With Google Adsense in 2015

Google Adsense is a leading online advertisement company which is powered by Google. Google play a mediator role between publisher and advertisers.

Advertisers head up to Google and create a Adwords account by providing all the information about their business. Adwords use PPC (Pay Per Click) to charge advertisers. Let say, if I create adwords account and promote my website then every time a visitors click on my advertisement, I will be charged depends on CPC (Click Per Cost).

Publisher are the website/blog owners who want to monetize their website/blog with Google Adsense. Publishers apply for Google Adsense program and after reviewing the application, Adsense team decide to accept or not.

If application has been accepted then you are now Google Adsense Publishers and now you can earn money with your online property. At the same time publishers must follow policy of Adsense. If one don't follow then their account will be banned without any warning.

Simple rule, work smartly but don't be over smart. No one can cheat Google so better play fair and earn more over time.

Why Most Bloggers Quite Blogging

70% of newbie bloggers quite blogging in early days because of following resons:

1- Intention: A simple quote that always inspired me

First Learn then remove the L.
If you think that making money online is a difficult task then you are correct. Its difficult for the one who don't know how to earn online. But bloggers who knows it, they become greedy and want to earn thousands of dollars in a day.

That is not blogging or any business.

If you need to quick money then head over to freelancing marketplace, take projects, complete them and earn in quick time. Read full guide on earning online money with freelancing in 2015.
     But don't waste time in blogging if your intention is only money.

Once you build up reputation, trust me, money will follow you.

I have seen many bloggers quieting blogging because they don't make much money with Google Adsense.

First let me tell you that Adsense is not only the way you can earn, there are plenty of opportunities for a experienced blogger and Internet marketer.You should always be passionate about your work.

Bloggers suggest me to concentrate more on my money sites rather than this blogspot blog but its my first blog so I won't quiet it ever because this was the first platform where I became passionate full time blogger.

2- Over Smartness: Yes, most of the bloggers try to manipulate policy which hurts them by the end of the day. They get low traffic, low CPC and even sometimes their account get banned. Sorry for my hard words but its true.

3- Adsense Policy Awareness: If you haven't read Adsense policy then read that now and also keep yourself updated about update/changes in Adsense policy. Check Adsense official blog frequently.

4- SEO: Search Engine Optimization is must for organic traffic. Days are gone when write and pray works. Now article articles is not enough.

We can get thousands of visitors in a day if site rank well in Google SERP. But for ranking there we need a SEO strategy. Most of the bloggers only write content and then wish for getting traffic.

Our website/blog can not get organic searches without a better SEO plan.

5- Lack of Patience: Patience matters alot in our blogging career. You may get single penny in your initial days but all you need is to provide quality content and build reputation. I have heard many people asking "how to increase my CPC or CTR".

5 Must Thing To Increase Your CPC and CTR

Build Authority: Google prefer authority sites so focus on your DA and PA.

Choose Right Keywords: Make a strategy for keyword planning. Google Adwords tools can be use for keyword research. If you can spend few bucks then buy Semrush account.

Use few Ads Unit: More ads unit will make your site look crappy. Use only 1 text/image unit and 2 link ad.

Custom ads unit may increase your CPC because bots will show high eCPM.

Focus on USA/UK visitors: Write content for them. CPC will automatically increase if you have good number of USA/UK visitors.

Use Responsive Theme: Your site theme should be responsive. Don't go for nulled/free themes because it may contain malicious code which will hurt your site's SEO.

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How To Get Cheap Reliable Best Web hosting In 2015

There are hundreds of web hosting companies so its little bit difficult to get cheap reliable best web hosting in 2015. There are lots of Internet opportunities for web builders, being a blogger we always seek high traffic on our sites and for holding that much of traffic we need a reliable, cheap and best hosting provider.

how to choose reliable web hosting in 2015

Things to remember while buying web hosting package in 2015:

 1- Never go for free web hosting providers: Google don't give much value to the sites hosted by free web hosting servers, they think that if you are serious about your business/blog/website then you must have a long term plan with it and free hosting servers are really cheap. Even they can't hold minimum of 300 real-time visitors.

2- Do not buy from re-sellers: Now a days hosting re-selling becomes fashion. Every one selling hosting at cheap price but their servers can't hold much real-time traffic.

3- Shared Hosting: Good choice but when it comes to traffic holding capability, shared hosting can only hold most of 500 visitors. After that your website will be down. Currently, I'm using godaddy delux plan shared hosting and it sucks! You can try hostgator shared hosting.

4- VPS: Virtual Private Server can hold your maximum server because it is dedicate to only one customer. VPS is costly than shared hosting but totally worth the money.

Now question is which web hosting should I buy in 2015? Which is reliable, cheap and best hosting in 2015? If you are just new then buy hostgator shared web hosting. I'm not suggesting VPS because it is costly and once you get more visitors then switch to VPS.

How To Buy Cheap Reliable Web Hosting in 2015 (Hostgator Coupon Code 2015)

1- Visit

2- Choose your plan. Shared hosting recommended if you are just starting your site.

3- Use "besthosting2015" coupon code to get 25% off on your bill. Coupon code 2015 of hostgator is besthosting2015.  
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